Image of a water drop

Our Mission: To Touch Life Globally

CICTAN-BIOTECH's mission is to participate, proactively, in the continuous green development of our planet, and towards universal harmony, peace, and abundance of health and wealth. We do this by providing technologies, products and services that empower the socio-economic development of the third world, for the uplifting and purification of the body, mind and spirit; and by providing an educational platform to healthcare professionals and individuals whose mission, passion and compassion are in resonance with CICTAN-BIOTECH. CICTAN-BIOTECH will provide an opportunity for personal growth at all developmental levels, will encouraging individuals to reach their full potential and advance their goals in life.

Nature is God's gift to us. All secrets and cures are held in Nature. Science and advanced technologies are merely tools to bring out the best in nature to nourish our body, mind and spirit to serve God and humanity!

Alone you are one drop of humanity

Together we form the vast ocean

Let these new waves of humanity touch life globally

Let’s create a Greener Earth for our future generations

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire individuals to take responsibility for their own lives and actions. We are not only responsible for ourselves but also for the environment that we live in. Each of us is responsible for protecting our clean water, clean air, and for leaving behind a much cleaner and greener Planet Earth.

Our goal to inspire people to work towards a healthier, more peaceful, harmonious, and greener world.

Our first step is to inspire each individual to be healthier via education awareness, diet change and exercise. CICTAN-BIOTECH is committed, with all of its resources, to inspire and empower individuals to realize their highest potentials and dreams in creating a much greener and harmonious Earth.

We can start doing this right away by making a sensible choice towards our daily consumable products and energy. Think of the source and impact on our environment when we consume those products.