About Us

CICTAN-BIOTECH Corporation is a pioneer in the field of natural-health technologies, with a focus on structured water, food science, energy medicine, sound and light frequency all in relation to cell-to-cell communication, as well as green, renewable energy.

Our network of world-renowned researchers have devoted their lives to developing some of the most potent, bioavailable, nutritional science-based food supplements, therapeutic and health promoting devices, as well as green technologies.

For decades the conventional medical field has focused on using expensive pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of sickness and disease. CICTAN-BIOTECH takes the path less travelled. We’ve been researching the underlying cause of illnesses and diseases for decades, and our approach always begins with the wisdom that nature – and Hippocrates – has taught us: Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

CICTAN-BIOTECH’s scientists and healthcare professionals believe whole-heartedly that God, through nature, has provided us with many natural paths in the treatment of disease and sickness, in achieving vibrancy, in reversing the effects of ageing, and in bringing the body into balance, helping one achieve optimum health.

We also believe that Nature is also the key to green and renewable energy. Such hidden secrets are constantly being investigated and unearthed by CICTAN-BIOTECH's team.

Together, we can foster an environmentally friendly and toxin-free planet, improve the health and vitality of societies, and secure the world for future generations.